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College & Career Promise

College Enrollment While You're Still in High School

How to get started

  • Make an appointment with the CCP Advisor

If you have questions regarding CCP, your advisor is Victoria Raczenski.  Her email is [email protected]. Ms. Raczenski will be at our school every other Tuesday.  She is located in the Guidance Suite across from Ms. Milman.

Things you SHOULD contact your DDCC Advisor for:
  • Questions regarding the program, 
  • Classes and sections you have,
  • Technology issues,
  • DDCC Graduation Questions,
  • Anything from DDCC mailed to your house,
  • Pathways and/or courses,
  • Transfer credit questions,
  • New student Orientation,
  • Books and Fees,
  • Attend the required CCP Night with a parent/guardian. (This night is typically in January/February)
  • Familiarize yourself with the requirements of CCP by reading the FAQ
  • Confirm your program and classes with the CCP Advisor by making an appointment with her
What programs are offered through CCP?
  • Apply to the college-required
  •  Complete Required Forms and turn them into the appropriate person
  • Get ready for summer
There are a few things you need to remember during summer.  
  1. Orientation:  DDCC will offer virtual orientations that you are REQUIRED to attend. You will receive this information via email so get in the habit of checking your email every day. StormTrac and Email Instructions
  2. After orientation, you should be able to access your DDCC accounts which include StormTrac (where you can find your schedule) and Moodle (where you will find your class information and work).  You will also have access to your DDCC email.  Again, you are responsible for both your DCS and DDCC email communication.  Check them both-every day.  Check your StormTrac to make sure you are enrolled in the classes on your DCS schedule.  
  3. Follett Fees and books:  These are paid by the student.  Tuition is free.  Bookstore Info Follett Fees
  4. Attend your classes:  August 19  The first day of your DDCC classes is different than your DCS classes.
  5. Complete your Entry Assignment within the first 5 days of class or you will be DROPPED.
CCP 101 and more
2024 CCP 101 by Tonia Holt
Seniors:  I have completed the CCP Program, now what?
It is not required for you to reapply if you intend to continue at DDCC.  You will complete the following form and return it:  DDCC Intent Form
If you do not intend to reenroll with DDCC after you graduate, but will be transferring, click the following link: