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Major Clarity

What is Major Clarity?
Davidson County has launched Major Clarity, a high-tech online career platform, in Grades 6-12. Major Clarity was founded in 2014 by a student at the College of William & Mary and is currently used by 2,000 school divisions nationwide.
Middle and high school students take online personality assessments and complete online learning style assessments. The results of these assessments will help to direct students in choosing a career pathway suited to their interests and strengths. Students will also develop an online academic and career plan with the assistance of school counselors.

Parents are encouraged to explore Major Clarity with their children. Major Clarity provides virtual work experiences for students through career simulation activities. Major Clarity also provides recordings of video interviews with industry professionals who share real-life job experiences.

Careers included in the Major Clarity platform are from all career clusters, including jobs that do not require a college education as well as jobs that require varying degrees of college course work and varying types of college degrees. Major Clarity also includes a directory of scholarships totaling over seven billion dollars.

To log in, click on the Major Clarity Graphic.  Students log in using their Google student accounts.
Major Clarity
Major Clarity Introduction
South Davidson High School Introduction Lesson 1
To log in:  Use your Google Student Account
  1. Run your Learning and Personality Styles Assessment if new to MC
  2. Discover your top FITS: What Pathways are these FITS under?
  3. Do you agree?  If so, proceed to Independent Exploration.
  4. If you disagree, click the X to remove the FIT and it will retally.  Once you find a FIT that you agree with, move to Independent Exploration.
Independent Exploration
  • Conduct career path test drives and research occupations. Reminder: add items of interest to your Favorites list by using the Star tool.
  • Check out the Resume Builder
  • Check out the Certification options
  • Check out your HS schedule and for some of you your middle and high school schedule